Welcome to the SASTQB

We provide International Certification to the Southern African software testing industry.

By becoming internationally certified you will show that your skills are current, that you show initiative and will keep you valuable and marketable in the event of a slowdown, takeover or merger. Our certifications will separate you from peers and raise management’s confidence level when they need to move to newer technologies.

Remote-Proctored Exams

Due to COVID-19, we offer remote-proctored exams.

Online Exam Registration

Register for your exam session within minutes with our online form.

Training Providers

Use one of our accredited training providers to assist you.

Exam Information

Need more information on how to become certified and how it works?

ISTQB Certification

The most successful scheme for certifying software testers in the world.

A4Q Certification

AI in Software Testing, Design Thinking and Selenium Testing

IREB Certification

Expand your professional knowledge in Requirements Engineering.

TMMi Certification

Increase the quality and efficiency of the software your company develops.

How to Get Involved

The SASTQB welcomes individuals or companies who want to get involved. Contact us if you are interested in participating in any of the following:

For Individuals 

  • Working groups and other company initiatives
  • Become a support team member at the TEST-IT Africa International Conference
  • Become a member of the SASTQB team

For Companies

  • Sponsorship and exhibition opportunities at the TEST-IT Africa International Conference
  • Become an accredited service provider
  • Become an ISTQB Partner and get international recognition for promoting quality