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What is the registration process?

Register online for the exam you have selected. A formal quotation will be generated upon approval of your exam registration and will be emailed to the email address provided. Quotes must be paid in full two weeks prior to the exam session. Each delegate will receive a detailed letter consisting of the venue, date & time of the exam booked. 


When will I receive my certificate?

One month after completing the exam successfully, certifications will be sent to candidates via Postnet. A slip for collection will be delivered to the address provided and it is the responsibility of the delegate to collect the official certificate at the nearest post office. Tracking numbers for the parcel will be emailed to the delegate. The SASTQB will not be held responsible for the loss of certificates. Should you require a new certificate an additional fee will be charged. 


Do I need to complete formal training before applying for an exam session?

It is not a requirement to attend training to write any of the certification exams. However, it is advisable to make use of our accredited training providers as the syllabus and glossary are only guidelines and not sufficient study material. 


Do I have to write the ISTQB Advanced exams in any specific order?

No, each ISTQB Advanced Level exam module has an independent exam and can be written in any order. 


I would like to cancel my exam?

We accept cancelations up until 2 weeks prior to your exam date. Cancelations After this delegates will be liable to pay penalty fees. For more information look at our terms and conditions or contact us. 


Does the SASTQB provide study material?

For study material or training courses visit our list of accredited training providers and feel free to contact them. 


Where and when may I apply for extra time?

If English is not your native language you are entitled to apply for extended time. Requests for extra time is available on the online exam registration form.