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Remote Proctored Exams

From the Safety of Your Home

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, remote-proctored exams are now available.

A Remote proctored exam allows you to take an exam at a remote location while ensuring your safety as well as the integrity of the exam. The system will require the applicant to confirm his/her identity. During the remote exam session, a proctor will monitor the person, looking for behavior that could indicate cheating.

What Exam Can I Register For?

ISTQB Certification

We have released additional ISTQB modules in the Foundation, Advanced and Expert levels.

IREB Certification

Our IREB exams now include Foundation and Advanced levels

TMMi Certification

Increase the quality and efficiency of the software your company develops.


Our newest certification that includes AI in Software Testing, Design Thinking and Selenium Testing

Requirements for a Remote Proctored Exam?

Technical Requirements

  • Modern laptop or PC
  • Chrome browser
  • A webcam that can be used to scan the room
  • Microphone and speaker for communication with the proctor
  • Internet access
  • It is recommended to have a smartphone as well although not compulsory

Note to the exam candidate

  • The proctor has the right to cancel the exam should he experience any suspicious behaviour from the exam candidate
  • Focus on your laptop screen to answer your question within the allowable timeframe.
  • The exam session is recorded for post-exam reviews.

Environmental Requirements

  • A quite room with all doors closed
  • No other persons are allowed in the room
  • No phones or any other disturbances e.g. children, animals, etc.
  • Access to a stable internet (A drop in the internet connection might result in cancellation of the remote exam session)
  • Make sure that your room does not contain any exam notes, course materials.
  • Make sure that you do not wear a watch
  • No electronic devices e.g. tablets are in the room

What Are the Steps for a Remote Proctored Exam?

Step 1

Have a look at our exam schedule and register for your chosen, exam. 

Step 2

Perform a technical test prior to the exam session: 

  • You will receive an email with instructions on how to perform the technical test.
  • Please contact us if you experience any technical problems.
  • Let us know when your technical test passes.

Step 3

Write your exam from the safety of your home.

  • Be on time: Make sure that you are not late for your scheduled exam (Tip: log in about 10 minutes prior to your scheduled exam time)
  • Get connected: Log into the secure area for your remote proctored exam session
  • Get accepted: Wait to be accepted into the exam session. A proctor will guide you through the identification phase.
  • Identification: Identify yourself by displaying your ID card close enough to the webcam.
  • Scan your exam room: Your proctor will request you to do a 360o scan of the room.
  • Write your exam: A proctor will monitor the exam session and will be able to communicate with you and vice versa.

What Is Not Allowed During the Proctored Exam Session?

  • Wearing a watch
  • Any kind of aid e.g. exam notes, course materials, textbooks
  • No headphones
  • No recording devices
  • No recording or any form of a copy of the exam questions
  • No mobile phone or telephones – unless otherwise specified by proctor for surveillance purposes
  • Personal items e.g. purses, hats, handbags
  • No tea or body breaks are allowed
  • No other person is allowed in the room